Paving the way to a more magical future

We’ve been toiling away behind the scenes here at Conjure HQ to bring you our latest release. We’re taking the lid off a much asked for feature, greater file type, as well as a more minor but useful set of product updates to improve usability. As always you, our awesome conjurers, have kept the feedback coming in and enabling us to catch and fix several bugs. Finally, (spoiler alert), we’ve been preparing for a major update coming out very soon… but first up:

Much larger file type support

It’s been several months in the making, but we’re delighted to announce Conjure now supports many more file types! We’ve added support for popular file types like PDF / PSD as well as vector files such as SVG, AI or EPS. We’ve also implemented support for some document and presentation formats like PPT(X), DOC(X) and PDF. You can upload all of these directly into conjure now and we’ll handle the conversion, the only thing to note is that PPT/DOC files will not bring in the correct fonts, you would need to PDF them to make that happen. Image quality has also improved as of this release. Here’s a list of all the files we now support:

Images Vectors Presentations Docs
.jpg / .jpeg .eps .key .doc / .docx
.gif .ai .ppt .pdf
.png .svg .pptx
.bmp .pdf .pdf
.tif / .tiff

This update is also a stepping stone towards supporting multi-page documents and presentations in in the future. Stay tuned!

Drag and drop

We know we had a similar functionalityto this before, but we've now rebuilt this from scratch so you can drag and drop onto any project at any time. Just grab your files and drop them in the header area to uplaod to the project, or grab individual files and upload them onto an item to add a new version. Et voila!

As always, we’d love any feedback or thoughts you’d like to share. Tweet us @conjureio or use the in-app chat functionality and we'll be with you in a Snap.

Happy Conjuring!