Everything's Better In a Group...

Sometimes we all need a little magic to brighten up these cold winter months. That’s why we’ve been hard at work on a number of great new features to make organising and managing feedback on your work faster and smarter.

If you’re not the reading type, here’s a quick 30s video to take you through the goods:

Now onto the features.

Groups (folders!)

Probably the single most requested feature of late has been a way to organise the work within a project into folders or, as we’ve chosen to call it, a group. All you have to do is drag a piece of work on top of another and the group is created (alternatively use the bulk options, or cog menu).

Try grouping similar items together to stop a project becoming unwieldy. For example, on a website design project you could use it to group a set of home page options under just ‘Homepage’ or on a retouch gig, a set of photo variations within your project. Ace.


Previously we had a nice wiggle sorting mode which you had to toggle to sort your work. With this release we’ve done away with it in favour of fewer clicks and greater functionality.

Now you can simply grab any item of work and drag to reorder. It even saves on the fly.

This paves the way for a native touch-like feel, as well as allowing us to do nifty things like dragging a group or item into the approved section once ready!

Gaining Bulk (losing the fat).

For all the power users out there, bulk options is a welcome addition. No longer do you need to pull up the cog menu every time you want to perform actions like bulk approve, bulk archiving, and bulk downloading.

We’ll be bringing this new ‘snappy’ feel across the rest of Conjure in the coming releases.

Under the hood

To achieve the above we’ve rewritten a large component of the project overview page — where you will see all your active work — into backbone, and stripped it back. This paves the way for more features and enhancements in the near future. We’ll be rewriting the feedback component, the project listing page and releasing our roadmap publicly so you can vote on new features.

We’ve focused a lot of our attention on making these features as intuitive as possible, but as always we thrive on feedback, so hit the ? in the menu or drop us a line and tell us how we can improve it further.

Happy Conjuring!