A pledge to you, and some nifty new features.

Today we’re excited to launch another round of frequently asked for features! Along with these updates, and potentially more importantly, we aslo want to make a pledge to you oh conjurers, to keep our blog and Twitter (@conjureio) much more frequently updated. Please feel free to reach out to us on any of these channels, or by clicking the ? at the top of the app to talk to us directly!

Without further ado, here’s a list of the features we’re pushing out today:

Updating sharing options

We’ve put a lot of effort into improving the sharing options so that you can share with clients or internal stakeholders much easier without needing to login. Included in the updates are:

  • All new ability to Share a whole project – here’s an example getty images project http://cnj.re/jlsV
  • Improved mobile view – You can now share easily and jump between designs on mobile
  • Added share options from Project listing and Design listings view – no longer do you need to into each design, just hit the cog
  • You can now send out emails from the share option directly – To make it simpler to get that feedback quickly.

Exporting/Download options

Another feature that’s been requested a lot was the ability to download a whole project’s set of images on top of the current ability to download individual images. We’ve now rolled this out as a zip export feature, it can be found with a whole slew of new options inside the ‘cog’ on projects/images.

That’s it for now, however in the next week we’ll be releasing some more minor updates along with a public road map to enable our lovely users to provide further feedback on what they want to see next. Don’t be shy to hit the feedback button at the top inside the app to let us know your thoughts, and be sure to check back here as well as twitter for frequent updates.

Happy Conjuring!