Welcome to Conjure!

As a company that deals with designs daily, we always had a niggling issue with the way the design process would flow. The phone calls, email chains, the scribbles on paper… all the ways you can imagine to get feedback on your beautiful work, but never in a way that was easy to follow or easy to understand. Often times the descriptions of changes would come across wrong, describing something as a “mast head” when talking about a “header” or changing the font on the wrong design because they didn’t reference the right page.

Well, that was the problem. The problem that we thought needs to be fixed, so a little over 5 months ago, we got to work on Conjure, our solution.

Conjure is all about streamlining the feedback process. Let’s put the feedback on the image/design itself and track it. Upload new versions when they are done and see the feedback in context. It was also a great way to visually see the whole project in one go, and track all the design work in one place.

With Conjure, we built a system that revolves around the work itself, and in doing so we hope to make everyone’s life easier. So please give it a try, tell us what you think, give us feedback and we’ll make it as good as we can because we’ve loved making it!

Happy Conjuring.