Spoiler alert!

Alongside the recent product updates, we've been working hard on a much larger release for Conjure, which should revolutionize the speed at which you use and share with Conjure. One of the part's we've rewritten from scratch is our annotation component, here's a quick teaser to see the super fast new update in action.


Paving the way to a more magical future

We’ve been toiling away behind the scenes here at Conjure HQ to bring you our latest release. We’re taking the lid off a much asked for feature, greater file type, as well as a more minor but useful set of product updates to improve usability. As always you, our awesome conjurers, have kept the feedback coming in and enabling us to catch and fix several bugs. Finally, (spoiler alert), we’ve been preparing for a major update coming out very soon… but first up:

Much larger file type support

It’s been several months in the making, but we’re delighted to announce Conjure now supports many more file types! We’ve added support for popular file types like PDF / PSD as well as vector files such as SVG, AI or EPS. We’ve also implemented support for some document and presentation formats like PPT(X), DOC(X) and PDF. You can upload all of these directly into conjure now and we’ll handle the conversion, the only thing to note is that PPT/DOC files will not bring in the correct fonts, you would need to PDF them to make that happen. Image quality has also improved as of this release. Here’s a list of all the files we now support:

Images Vectors Presentations Docs
.jpg / .jpeg .eps .key .doc / .docx
.gif .ai .ppt .pdf
.png .svg .pptx
.bmp .pdf .pdf
.tif / .tiff

This update is also a stepping stone towards supporting multi-page documents and presentations in in the future. Stay tuned!

Drag and drop

We know we had a similar functionalityto this before, but we've now rebuilt this from scratch so you can drag and drop onto any project at any time. Just grab your files and drop them in the header area to uplaod to the project, or grab individual files and upload them onto an item to add a new version. Et voila!

As always, we’d love any feedback or thoughts you’d like to share. Tweet us @conjureio or use the in-app chat functionality and we'll be with you in a Snap.

Happy Conjuring!

Navigate the easier way

As you know we thrive on feedback; whether it’s managing the feedback process through Conjure, or receiving your lovely feedback on the app itself.  With this week’s set of updates we wanted to shout out Mike of UXinnuendo and Jean of Awesome, who, amongst many others, helped us with feedback regarding these features.  With everyone’s help we’re continuing on our mission to make feedback smarter and faster, so we want to hear from you. Now onto the magic.

Anything but crumby…

This week we’ve completely revamped the breadcrumb navigation from within feedback view to make finding what you want and navigating to the next piece of work simpler and faster.

What you’ll notice:


See the design, not just the title, right there in the menu. This should make it visually easier to browse for what you want, and avoid heading back to the listing.

Information is beautiful

We’ve brought more into the list including how many items are in a group, recent unread comments, and the latest activity on an item.

Looking for something specific? Or a design with several iterations? Simply start typing the name and the results will show in real time. Navigate with your arrow keys and hit enter to gain special powers.

I’m a fan… are you?

We’ve also done a quick little update to the way our “fanning” works on viewing a project or a work item. We used to initiate this behaviour when you clicked any item, however we’ve now moved that behind a nice little icon in the bottom right hand corner of the thumbnail. Its a neat way to get a quick overview of what lies beneath, and now with the updated placement keeps the flow fast and easy to get to what you want, straight away.

Further down the line…

There are some big developments underway at Conjure HQ, we’ve got a larger team than ever focused on delivering the next set of product updates, all in time for our 1.0 launch (as well as coming out of beta)!

These include simple updates such as better drag and drop to upload support, but also larger projects that have been in the works for months including support for multiple file types (think PDF etc), and finally the big update… a desktop app with a difference, but you’re going to have to wait to hear more about that!

Until then, magical family… happy conjuring.

Everything's Better In a Group...

Sometimes we all need a little magic to brighten up these cold winter months. That’s why we’ve been hard at work on a number of great new features to make organising and managing feedback on your work faster and smarter.

If you’re not the reading type, here’s a quick 30s video to take you through the goods:

Now onto the features.

Groups (folders!)

Probably the single most requested feature of late has been a way to organise the work within a project into folders or, as we’ve chosen to call it, a group. All you have to do is drag a piece of work on top of another and the group is created (alternatively use the bulk options, or cog menu).

Try grouping similar items together to stop a project becoming unwieldy. For example, on a website design project you could use it to group a set of home page options under just ‘Homepage’ or on a retouch gig, a set of photo variations within your project. Ace.


Previously we had a nice wiggle sorting mode which you had to toggle to sort your work. With this release we’ve done away with it in favour of fewer clicks and greater functionality.

Now you can simply grab any item of work and drag to reorder. It even saves on the fly.

This paves the way for a native touch-like feel, as well as allowing us to do nifty things like dragging a group or item into the approved section once ready!

Gaining Bulk (losing the fat).

For all the power users out there, bulk options is a welcome addition. No longer do you need to pull up the cog menu every time you want to perform actions like bulk approve, bulk archiving, and bulk downloading.

We’ll be bringing this new ‘snappy’ feel across the rest of Conjure in the coming releases.

Under the hood

To achieve the above we’ve rewritten a large component of the project overview page — where you will see all your active work — into backbone, and stripped it back. This paves the way for more features and enhancements in the near future. We’ll be rewriting the feedback component, the project listing page and releasing our roadmap publicly so you can vote on new features.

We’ve focused a lot of our attention on making these features as intuitive as possible, but as always we thrive on feedback, so hit the ? in the menu or drop us a line and tell us how we can improve it further.

Happy Conjuring!

Zooooooom, it's time for a new toolbar.

At Conjure we are so passionate about feedback, that we got together and built a tool dedicated to it 😉 so when our lovely users write in with feedback of their own for us… well let’s just say, it’s magical.
Today we’re super excited to release one of the most requested features from recent months: better control over zoom along with the ability to see what zoom level you are on.

To coincide with the need to bring in zoom controls, we took this opportunity to redesign the tool bar, giving you more options, more space and the flexibility to move it round so it never gets in your way!

Check out how looks:

As always, feedback is what we live for, so hit the ? and let us know your thoughts.

Keep it magical.